You will gain strength, flexibility and balance and gain a better understanding of the relationship between body, breath, mind and spirit. Yoga is also designed to help you be more at ease and able to relax. All fitness levels are invited to join. No Impact.

Yoga Sculpt:
This is not your typical yoga class. Yoga Sculpt is a combination of yoga, Pilates mat work, and ballet-based exercises done with light weights, stability balls, and other equipment that will stretch and tone your body from head to toe. This class is low impact and low intensity and is perfect for all experience levels.

All group fitness classes at the WAC are structured to include a thorough warm up leading into the activity, followed by a cool down (allowing heart rate to lower gradually, and ending with static stretching or relaxation). Your instructor will demonstrate modifications (both to make the workout less difficult or more challenging). We strongly encourage everyone to work within his/her own fitness levels. All members, men and women, age 14 & older, are welcome to join any class!

If you are just starting a class, please notify the instructor and arrive 5 minutes early.

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