Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Class Changes
Effective March 1st!

West Location:

Monday Tai Chi with Nancy will now be from 1-2pm

Wednesday 4:30pm will become Cycle with Marsha

Thursday 6:00am On the Ball with Rick will return

Thursday 5:30pm Cycle will now be with Colleen

Friday Strong with Jess will now be at 10:45am

We offer a variety of Group Fitness Classes at both facility locations, free with every Wyoming Athletic Club membership. Our classes range from low impact to challenging, our instructors are energetic, well trained and experienced. We offer kick boxing, cycling, group weight lifting classes, yoga, water classes and more. Learn more about all of our classes below and join one today!

Art of Boxing
Art of Boxing Kids
Art of Boxing Women Only
Ashtanga Yoga
Battle Ropes
Body Shred
Core Galore
Cycle Cross
Cycle Explosion
Cycle Fit
Express Cycle
Gentle Flow Yoga
Get Some Weights
Heavy Bags
Kickboxing Burn
Muscle Fire
On the Ball
Ropes Blast
Super Chicks and Roosters
Tai Chi info coming soon!
Tone Zone
WAC Tracks
Zumba Toning

All group fitness classes at the WAC are structured to include a thorough warm up leading into the activity, followed by a cool down (allowing heart rate to lower gradually, and ending with static stretching or relaxation). Your instructor will demonstrate modifications (both to make the workout less difficult or more challenging). We strongly encourage everyone to work within his/her own fitness levels. All members, men and women, age 14 & older, are welcome to join any class!

If you are just starting a class, please notify the instructor and arrive 5 minutes early.

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