Don't let the holidays be a pain in the neck!

Don't let the holidays be a pain in the neck!

WAC can help you relieve stress related neck pain.

Hello, my name is Teri Heidemeyer and I am the new Massage Director for Wyoming Athletic Club East. The holidays are coming (Mother Nature seems to think it's Winter already) and with the joy and business of the holiday season more and more people are dealing with stress and stress related tension. Today lets look at some ways to help keep neck pain at bay so you can spend more time enjoying your holidays.

Change the way you carry your bags and packages

Unless you have a magical bag like Santa Clause that can effortlessly carry gifts for a million children, consider a cross body bag that distributes weight more evenly. Carry less weight when possible (Do you really need to put a 25lb turkey in your carry-on bag?). Shorten the straps on your bags in order to keep your center of gravity correct. When carrying multiple packages ask for assistance or make sure you distribute the weight evenly side to side.

Exercise Regularly

Strengthening muscles allows them to support the spine and neck correctly. Talk to one of our knowledgeable WAC trainers if you need suggestions or ideas for workouts to strengthen the muscles of the neck and spine.

Avoid "Text Neck"

Forward head posture is currently the leading cause of neck pain in both adults and teens (sometimes even kids as young as 9). Your head weighs about 12 lbs but leaning your head forward texting or online shopping for the best Black Friday deals can put as much as 60lbs of pressure on the small muscles of the neck!


This time of the year is both joyous and stressful taking time for self-care is a great way to help you have the best holiday season possible. Massage helps remove muscle tension, aides in injury recovery, increases mobility and improves circulation. Massage also enables you to unplug and relax.

Need another reason to get a massage? Here's a great one....

NEW PRICES FOR MASSAGE at both WAC locations

WAC members
1 hour session $60 90 minute session $85

non members
1 hour session $65 90 minute session $95

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Black Friday gift card sale!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you feel your best!

Warm regards,
Teri Heidemeyer, LMT
Massage Director WAC East

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