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  • What to look for in Personal Trainer


    Patience is the key to a good client-trainer relationship, says 
Wellness trainer Dan Dalen. Trainers should understand that what works for 
one client may not work for another. He or she should do a Health and Wellness assessment with the client when you first meet to familiarize themselves with the client’s needs. It is also very important that clients understand that it took time to get to their current level of Health & Wellness, and it will also take time to get them to the level that they are desiring. 
 Trainers should also find a comfortable pace for their clients, Dalen 
says. Some clients may progress at a faster rate, while others may 
require more ....

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  • Aqua Fitness in Casper, Wyoming

    Aqua fitness is often thought of as a class reserved for older populations and those recovering from injury; however, this is not the case at all. Rebecca Prindle believes all fitness professionals could be using aspects of aqua fitness.
    Water exercise classes are regularly the most attended classes at clubs because of their diversity and ability to act as a stepping-stone to a healthier lifestyle. As humans, we know the land and how to move on it in order to achieve our goal or complete the task at hand. However, add in water and it sends everything off kilter; even the most menial of tasks, take walking for instance, can become incredibly challenging. It is surprising that many see ....

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  • Personal Training in Casper - Wyoming Athletic Club - Need Coffee In The Morning?

    Need Coffee In The Morning?

    Wyoming Athletic Club offers a coffee service after your workout. This is just one aspect of the great customer service we offer to our members. They will always be out first priority. Contact Us Today To Learn More About What We Offer! ....

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  • Partner Yoga!

    Join us for an hour of fun and flexibility!

    ONE DAY ONLY Partner Yoga!
    February 10th 1-2pm West WAC with Lena
    We will be working on partner yoga poses as well as establishing and maintaining open lines of communications. Whether you want to bring a partner, spouse, or friend, come and create some wonderful shared moments while forming and strengthening our balance and trust. ....

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  • UW Cowgirl Tennis Match Vs. Montana State

    UW Cowgirl Tennis Match Vs. Montana State
    Friday March 1st at 5:30PM
    Come out and support our only collegiate tennis program in the state. The Wyoming Athletic Club will be hosting the Wyoming Cowgirls vs Montana State on Friday March 1st. This event is free to the public and we will have adult beverages, kids beverages, and food for all. Come cheer on the Pokes right here at our very own facility!! ....

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