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    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold with alarming speed, we are keeping the safety plus the well-being of our employees and you, our members, utmost in our minds. We, along with many, had early hopes that this would be a short-lived phenomenon, we initially targeted April 6 as a possible reopening date. Now it’s abundantly clear that we will not be able to reopen by that date.

    Out of an abundance of caution, both clubs have closed until further notice. As your long-term partner in fitness and wellness , we have proactively frozen all memberships on your behalf, and you will not be charged any fees or dues during this time. We will be ....

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  • Casper Swim Club

    Casper Swim Club

    The Wyoming Athletic Club had the privilege of hosting the Casper Swim Club this past season. We look forward to having them back in the fall! We are glad that they enjoyed it as much as we did. ....

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  • Tennis Fundraiser

    Here is a picture of the one point challenge participants. We raised over $2500 during the lunch break for the challenge. ....

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  • Depression is rising

    Depression is rising in the US, but even a small amount of exercise – as little as 15 minutes a day can help, says a study for Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “No matter who you are, (exercise) can reduce the risk of depression,” concludes researcher Dr. Davis Agus. In 2016 some 16.2 million American Adults suffered a major depressive episode. ....

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  • Don't let the holidays be a pain in the neck!

    Don't let the holidays be a pain in the neck!

    WAC can help you relieve stress related neck pain.
    Hello, my name is Teri Heidemeyer and I am the new Massage Director for Wyoming Athletic Club East. The holidays are coming (Mother Nature seems to think it's Winter already) and with the joy and business of the holiday season more and more people are dealing with stress and stress related tension. Today lets look at some ways to help keep neck pain at bay so you can spend more time enjoying your holidays. Change the way you carry your bags and packages

    Unless you have a magical bag like Santa Clause that can effortlessly carry gifts for a million children, consider a cross body bag that distributes weight more evenly. Carry less weight ....

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  • Wyoming Athletic Club Tennis News

    Congratulations to the Wyoming Athletic Club tri level men’s and women’s teams. Both won the state event this weekend at the WAC. They will now go on to competed in the regional event in Laramie in January. Men's (From Left to Right) Eric Nokes Dylan St. Claire James Voorheis Jeff Christensen Jason Quigley. Not pictures is Jeff Zenisek Ladies' (From Left to Right) Amy Allaire Jen Purviance Mandy Gorman Julie Yakel Tiffany Kaschmitter Julie Voorheis Jill Quigley Nice job group and good luck in Laramie!!

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  • Winners Circle

    These teams won regional USTA event on October 5th and 6th held at the Wyoming Athletic club and represented the region in the USTA sectionals In Las Vegas, October 25th to the 27th
    Left to Right Jill Quigley, Amy Allaire, Jason Quigley, James Voorheis, Eric Nokes, and Tim Hough. Not pictured is John and Jen Purviance. Left to Right Mike Akers, Sarah Nokes, John Duncan, Chris Bradfield, Jeff Christensen, and Reann Christensen. Not pictured Thea Morton, Nichole Collier, and Ryan McCormick. Left to Right Julie Yakel, Tiffany Kaschmitter, Julie Voorheis, James Voorheis, and Dylan St Claire. Not pictured John Purviance and Rob Pettigrew. ....

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  • Family Boot Camp

    Wednesdays 4:30 pm @ the East Side
    On October 2nd we are rolling out the first Family Fitness Boot Camp in Casper. This is a family class that mixes traditional and bodyweight exercises with interval training in a fun family environment. This class won't only provide a great work out but will help build confidence! We know establishing healthy habits as a family can be hard, we are here to help you become successful. We are changing the way fitness and health are viewed and training our future for success! Check out the fun they are having!

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    We're excited to host a two-day NON-martial arts self-defense seminar! We're doing it by the day though, so no need to commit to both days if that doesn't work for you. It's more important that you find time for any at all. This seminar is open to the public and will be a SAFE coed environment so bring your friends and family and anyone else you care about! If the poster below doesn't show up, be sure to click "Show Pictures" or "Allow blocked content" in your email program. Help us spread the word! We've added the image to this blog. Share this post with the people in your life that are worth protecting or to anyone you think needs to know about how to stay SAFE in today's world! SIGN ....

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