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  • Exercise Regimen

    Sticking to a regular exercise regimen will keep you feeling revived both physically and mentally. When you exercise with consistency, your muscles will develop gradually and your mind will experience reduced levels of stress and greater relaxation. If you have not used your Results based training sessions come by today so we can help show you how to feel better while reaching all your fitness goals. Or call us at 307-265-6928 or 307-234-4241 ....

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  • The Benefits of Working Out

    Working out consistently reduces stress and increases your mental well being. When you work out regularly, your body releases endorphins that enhance your mood! ....

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  • Membership Sessions

    Fearless Is opening new doors To your Health "Wyoming Athletic Club offers 4 sessions with every membership to help you with your fitness, nutritional, and wellness goals ....

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  • What Would You Do?

    What would you do for someone you love? Take care of you by working out! Because love has no limits Rick Hill WAC Member ....

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  • Wyoming AC Tennis At Its Best

    Congratulations to the winners from the 7.0 mixed doubles division last weekend, April 27-28th: Dylan St. Claire, Matt Crabb, Melanie Dowler, Tim Havasi, Tiffany Kaschmitter, Stacia Vigneri, And Julie Yakel!
    Special thank you to Peg Connor for her hard work to promote tennis in the state of Wyoming! ....

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  • Daycare is Reopening!

    Daycare is reopening in Early May in our East Side Club. Daycare options will include full-time, after school, and part-time childcare. This is exclusive to members only. Drop in or call today for more details! ....

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  • Let's Get Active with our Kids!

    We had a USTA
    event today at WAC
    , the good news it was a nice turnout, the better news several players brought not only their spouses but their children. Introducing your children to recreational sports has no limits to how you can affect your children in a positive way. We have a 36 % obesity rate among children in our country and 7 out of 10 children are overweight.
    Schools do a great job of teaching and extended family adds an element to help raise children. But nothing takes the place of parent involvement with their children. Helping your child develop skills to jump, throw, kick, catch and run only adds to their self esteem and leads to great decisions in life and with ....

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