About the Owners

About the Owners

Locally Owned and Operated
For Mike Glickman and his two sons, Brody and Sawyer, working out is a family activity. This is because Mike is passionate about health and not just his own. He equally passionate about helping others to be active and stay healthy a passion that ultimately lead them to Casper, and to the WAC.

Mike is from the New England area, they both fell in love with Casper when they moved here in 2006. His love for the city, its people, and the sense of community felt here, were part of what made them decide to come to Casper as part of the WAC.

In January of 2014, Mike became partners in the WAC. He has a love for the health club industry, and have been involved with various clubs for many years.Through the WAC, Mike have had many opportunities to connect with, and give back to the Casper community. In addition to owning the WAC and serving on the CDC Board, Mike has also been president of the Five Trails Rotary Club for the past year. Through this organization, he's been involved in several projects especially enjoys those which deal with children, such as giving dictionaries to third graders and helping the Youth Crisis Center.

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