Sarah Henry | Wyoming Athletic Club

Sarah Henry

Hi everyone I’m Sarah and I have a passion for fitness and helping others reach their own personal goals! I have trained under some fantastic instructors and am always learning and growing on my fitness journey. I have been a HIIT and weight training coach for over five years. I enjoy working with all ages and levels in and out of the gym! In class I like using a variety of equipment such as kettlebells, bars, resistance bands, gliders, TRX straps, benches and more! I believe going to the gym should be a fun experience so that’s why I love lots of variation in class to help motivate, energize and keep everyone on their toes. I always mix up my workouts so there is never a dull moment. Being active in a group is a great way to achieve goals and make friends. Six years ago I took my first class and was hooked! I started teaching shortly after that. When I’m not in class I like outdoor activities with my husband and experiencing new things. I have fun traveling and would love to go all over the world!

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