Wyoming Athletic Club Success Stories

Wyoming Athletic Club Albon S.

Been going here for almost two years, the completion of the recent renovation is great! I really enjoy the friendly staff, good class selection, and the friendly atmosphere is awesome!

Albon S.

Wyoming Athletic Club Joshua S.

I love it here and will get others to come and join as well its a peaceful place to work out and trainers that help

Joshua S.

Wyoming Athletic Club Leon A.

Great club. Offer lots to chose from swimming to lifting even relaxing with a massage. Too much to even list!

Leon A.

Wyoming Athletic Club Jimmie W.

Great place to work out. Other people are very friendly and polite to others. Others make you fill welcomed and will talk to you like they have known you for ever.

Jimmie W.

Wyoming Athletic Club Liz R.

My grandson was scared of the water after a bad experience. Thanks to his swimming lessons with Dave he's a little fish. I'm so grateful to Dave for getting him past his fear!

Liz R.

Wyoming Athletic Club Roy D.

I truly enjoy the gym. I go every day and I get in a great workout. The staff is great the manager Whitney was helpful and very welcoming. Both sides the west and east are great. I definitely recommend this place!

Roy D.

Wyoming Athletic Club Chelsea C.

I love working out at the WAC. I can drop off the kiddos and do a group fitness class. Everyone is friendly and they offer so much. Swimming, group classes, massage, tennis! I'm very impressed and the remodeled has just added to the already great atmosphere.

Chelsea C.

Wyoming Athletic Club Steven L.

Spent my week off work going to WAC. It facilitates all aspects of a gym/spa/family rec center. The staff is friendly and the equipment is well maintained.

Steven L.

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